"Next up it is personal trainer Lou, played with astute comic timing by Marissa Joseph. She eventually confronts her partner who she suspects of having an affair with another woman."


“Marissa Joseph plays Laura; in stark contrast to Tiresia... Her response when she finally hears the truth is a stand out moment in a play full of secrets and lies.” 

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"Joseph does well to build up her outburst in the final scene, switching between shock, sadness, and reconciliation with ease. ”


“As director, Dixon Potter has found four fine actors. Marissa Joseph as Laura was charming and brought a breath of fresh air to this slightly stuffy play."



Performing has always been in my blood! Acting wasn’t my first introduction; Ballet was from the tender age of four. Since then I’ve always danced. Dance led me to performing in various shows on stage and TV.


Dancing became a passion where I obtained a Degree, taught and choreographed in England, Europe and America plus I trained and choreographed for pop bands.


Dance was (and still is) in my soul; it gave me purpose, allowed me to be creative, free, meet some amazing folks and have a treasure chest of memories. I was eager to pass on my dance knowledge to others, so I created and launched a dance studio in Notting Hill, London.


In addition to acting and dance, I’ve been fortunate to work in film production. This journey began at the BBC, which then steered me to work with independent production companies as First Assistant Director and Director. Recently, I produced a series 'How Did We Get Here', which has received awards and nominations.


I feel I’ve so many stories to tell and so many noble characters to honour, so acting, writing and producing allows me to share my message with others.

Aside from performing, cake is my absolute weakness - can't get enough! I enjoy baking and decorating, but more importantly eating cakes and lots too.  

I’ve a new project coming out soon, which I'm totally excited about, so stay tuned…


UK Agent, Simon & How  +44 (0)20 7739 8865

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