"Talent. Creativity. Passion. Ambition
and Mission. Marissa has it all!"

Rikki Beadle-Blair MBE

Marissa is an upcoming actress, producer and writer


Marissa Joseph - Showreel
Marissa Joseph - Showreel
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Born in London, England, raised by her Grenadian mother,  performing since age four, Marissa's always been fascinated with storytelling. Torn between her interest in law and her love for performing, Marissa's overactive imagination won. 


Potentially useful info about Marissa:

  • Physical activities are her elixir: dance, yoga, skating, rock climbing, jogging, parkour (shin-whacking hurts). She’s action movie-ready (*cough* casting directors).

  • She’s a professional dancer, choreographer, owned a studio, taught classes - good toes, naughty toes.

  • She’s punctual and organised. Great for arranging (and arriving for) events, holidays, meetings. Not great for her - always too early and asked to arrange for others.

  • Adores speaking French, though she used to try to bunk her lessons. Apologies to her mum. Elle est désolée.

  • A magician in the kitchen! Loves baking cakes, cookies, treats. Prefers eating them. (brekky, lunch, dinner - yum)

  • Fuses quality time with her creativity: makes fur throws, cushion covers (move over Zara Home), painted her piano (pink then grey), writes.

  • Great at reading a room and tuning in to people’s vibe.

"I've never met anyone who loves cake more than Marissa!"